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Model Portfolios

The model portfolios linked on this page consist of funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors. These funds are only available to the public through certain financial advisors. For model portfolios that you can implement on your own using index mutual funds and ETFs, visit my PWL colleagues at Canadian Couch Potato and Canadian Portfolio Manager. If you are interested in implementing a portfolio of Dimensional funds with the help of a full service advisor, contact us.

I do not believe that it is worth paying the fee for a full service advisor for the sole purpose of accessing Dimensional funds. However, if you are intent on hiring a full service advisor, access to Dimensional funds is desirable. It ensures that the advisor is reasonably well-versed in the academic literature on investing, and knows the importance of developing a plan and sticking with it.

The Dimensional Global Portfolios have relatively short track records in Canada. However, these funds follow rules-based indexes which have longer histories. Where fund return data is not available, we have used index data adjusted for the current management expense ratio of the applicable fund. All returns are in Canadian dollars. The index returns consist of the average return of four quarterly staggered indexes which are reconstituted annually, while the portfolios are rebalanced on a continuous basis. The index returns include the profitability filter since inception, while the portfolios were in transition to applying the profitability filter in 2014. Index returns do not reflect the momentum screen that is used in live trading for the portfolios.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. The historical performance of indexes is illustrative only and is not necessarily a reflection of the future performance of any fund tracking that benchmark.