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Professional Experience

PWL Capital Inc. Nov. 2013 - Present

  • I discovered PWL Capital through a series of fortunate events.  When I began working as an advisor with Desjardins Financial Security I got the idea that the products I was selling were not ideal and immersed myself in research about mutual funds in an effort to find a product that I was comfortable recommending to prospective clients.  Although there were some relatively low-fee funds that seemed like they followed a strategy that made sense, I was having trouble finding something that really got me excited.  I eventually discovered a company called Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA); I agreed with their mandate and their philosophies from both an academic and an ethical standpoint.  Before I had a chance to celebrate, I learned that Desjardins Financial Security Investments did not carry the products that this company produces.  I tried for months to get DFA products on the shelf with no success; by getting acquainted with people at DFA I was unwittingly building bridges.  Many months after my initial contact with DFA, they informed me of an unannounced position that had just opened up at PWL Capital.  An interview process began and it was quickly evident that there was an excellent fit between the firm and myself.

Desjardins Financial Security Investments Nov. 2012 - Nov. 2013

  • During my time at Desjardins Financial Security I worked as a Life and Health Insurance Advisor (DFS Independent Network) and as an Investment Fund Advisor (DFS Investments); the combination of these two positions is referred to as a Financial Security Planner, a title which is indicative of the work that I was doing for my clients.  My responsibilities were split between obtaining clients, and servicing the clients that I had obtained.  As would be the case when starting any business, most of my time went towards finding new clients.  For the clients that I did obtain, I constructed comprehensive financial plans and recommended investment and insurance products to carry these plans out.  The things that I learned about financial management, client service, and building a business in my time with this organization were extremely valuable to my personal and professional development, and I believe that working here while completing my MBA allowed the academic material that I was learning in the classroom to be reinforced with real life application and experience.